Dakota Diners: "Sport Spot" is a hidden gem in Northville

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Our final Dakota Diners segment for July takes us to the Spink County community of Northville.

We're visiting with a husband-wife team in charge of a place called the "Sport Spot".

It's known for its hospitality and for its' large portion sizes.

Northville, South Dakota is like a lot of towns on a warm Summer night.
There's a baseball game underway with moms and dads sitting in the shade as their player works hard on the field.
In Northville, the field is behind the old high school building which is 107 years old.
And if you know where to look, you'll find a place called the Sport Spot.

"There's people that hear about the place and they'll drive around and drive around trying to find it and it's the last place they look...in the school house." For more than 16 years, Bill Kraus has owned the Sport Spot.....tucked neatly away in the basement of the old school. "They can have a drink in the school house and not get sent to the office."

You get a bit of a history lesson on your way to the sport spot. The school's main hallway contains class pictures of students who attended here more than 80 years ago.
But once you get to the place, it's about low lights, good company and good food. "It all stems from my wife. She's a pretty good cook. You can tell that by looking at me."

This is Dar Kraus, Bill's wife and the aforementioned good cook. "i don''t know about that but after 38 years i guess I've trained him right." Dar's handiwork is always on display.
And if you come to the Sport Spot, you had better bring your appetite.
We're not kidding.
Take the hash browns for example. "This is one order and a lot of them can't eat them all so they take them home for breakfast the next day."

And most everything is served here in portions this large. Not necessarily by design but by experience. "i grew up on a farm and i married a farmer and you're just used to eating as much as you want and its a hard habit to break."

The Kraus' really had to save up to get this place off the ground 16 years ago.
And it really has been their life's work.....and it's gratifying work....like the story Bill heard about two pheasant hunters. "They're getting gas down by Kansas and they got to talking about...didn't know one another but they got to talking and they both knew about this place."

But the Sport Spot is now for sale.
Both Bill and Dar are in their late 60's and it's time to hang it up. "Bill's ready because he wants to go hunt and fish but I'll have to go get a part time job somewhere."

But until the sale happens, baseball games will be played in the shadow of this century old building with the secret Sport Spot tucked away.