Daktronics plays big role in Minneapolis Super Bowl

Minneapolis (KSFY) Fans across the nation are gearing up for Super Bowl 52 as downtown Minneapolis fills up with people excited for the big game.

People are enjoying Super Bowl Live on Nicollet Avenue and the Mall of America is buzzing with Eagles and Patriots fans excited for the big game.

These people from out of town might not know it, but often times, they are looking at a lot of products founded in South Dakota.

Daktronics plays a big role in the Super Bowl almost every year, but especially in Minneapolis.

"US Bank Stadium has had a really extensive support contract with Daktronics. We have been supporting here all season leading up to the Super Bowl," Daktronics Professional Services Manager Angie Wilson said.

Prep for the Super Bowl has been going on all week.

"Most recently this week we have had people on site to make sure that the displays are functioning," Wilson said.

Come game time, those five people will have a lot to monitor.

"Just in the stadium we will have five people present. We will have a handful of people back in Brookings for remote support,” Wilson said.
Right now very limited people have access to anything at US Bank Stadium.

"Security is obviously very tight. We have all been going through the check process, and authorization process for security for several months now. For those of us who are going to be on site. They just want the fans to have the best opportunity on and experience on game day, so they just don't want it to leak out,” Wilson said.

It's not just in the stadium though.

"We have Daktronics displays all over Minneapolis. A lot of the way finding signs above traffic intersections are all Daktronics. We also have some here for advertising. Really a lot of Daktronics presence here in Minneapolis,” Wilson said.