Deep Root Gardens thrives even in the winter months

It's the time of year when it seems like winter is never going to end. One South Dakota farmer says he likes growing in the winter months though.

"It's great. There is nothing like coming in here in the sun, it's 30 below and you can see the snowbanks out the side," Deep Root Gardens owner Danny Dyck said.

Dyck grows a variety of vegetables in his heated greenhouses during the winter months. He also has some handy help from his kids.

Deep Root Gardens started on a farm near Worthing in 2012.

The farm is sustained through Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, shares. Dyck says it's a way to connect closer with consumers. Each growing season 30-50 shareholders have access to garden grown vegetables.

"There's not really a comparison. Everything you get here, it gets picked, and you get it the next day. It's fresher, and it lasts longer," he said.

Deep Root Garden is not organic certified, but Dyck says they take all the same steps an organic garden does.

"We are definitely soil worshipping. We don't spray or put anything on our stuff most of the time. When we do everything we buy is OMRI listed. That's the standard for organic," he said.

He also says, growth could be in the near future.

"Oh I like to bite off more than I can chew. We are probably going to be expanding. We have a couple other greenhouses we would like to put up this year," he said.

He also encourages people to come see how Deep Root Gardens do things.

"Come see. This is stuff I am feeding my family, and that is really important to me," he said.

Deep Root Gardens is right off interstate 29 near the Worthing exit and is always looking for shareholders. For more information, check out the attached link.