Democratic front runner Joe Biden speaks on health care in Sioux City

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KSFY) - Former Vice President Joe Biden during a visit Tuesday to Sioux City detailed his new health care proposal as an alternative to Medicare-for-all.

The proposal would offer a public option for people to buy-in to government insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

He said as President he will protect the Affordable Care Act after others tried to take it away.

"We should be screaming at what President Trump is trying to do, eliminate Obama Care. He’s taken it to court to try to get the court to completely destroy it. Well ladies and gentlemen it's not going to happen," Biden said.

The new proposal would be an alternative to Medicare-for-all which he said builds off the Affordable Care Act by adding public option.

"The issue with regard to Medicare for all and my plan is that is you get Medicare for all there is no private insurance," Biden said.

Biden said if you like your employer-based plan you can keep it or if you have private insurance you can keep that as well.

"We can protect and build on Obama Care ad make sure that at least 97 to 100 percent of Americans have coverage, good coverage," Biden said.

If the Affordable Care Act is taken away he said that 20 million people will lose their coverage and 100 million people will lose coverage for preexisting conditions.

For Biden he believes that every American has the right to peace of mind that comes with having quality and affordable health insurance.

"I'm going to talk about what I’m for, I’m going to talk about why I’m the best qualified person at this moment to be the President of the United States," Biden said.

Biden’s health care proposal would cost 750 million dollars over the course of 10 years compared to Medicare-for-all that's at 3 billion dollars.