Presidential candidates expand platforms in Iowa

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DES MOINES, IA The Iowa State Fair held the usual leisurely activities such as food and entertainment, but also nearby were the numerous presidential candidates voicing their platforms and aspirations if elected during the 2020 election. Washington Governor Jay Inslee was blunt in his assessment of President Trump and told an Iowa crowd that Midwest flooding this spring underscores the need to address climate change. Among the changes, America’s economy. That is what California Senator Kamala Harris proposes we alter.

Foreign policy has also become hard to ignore as international tensions have become clear. Former Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak says we need to convene with other nations because our peace and prosperity depend on it. Among the division, there is division within our country. New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand wants to eliminate that division that she says has been a product of President Trump.

This race also has a candidate that is familiar with executive responsibilities as former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper says he is in this race because governors get things done. Among those priorities to cross of is normalizing trade relations with other countries.

As of Sunday, 21 presidential candidates have brought their campaigns here to the Iowa State Fair. Only nine democratic candidates qualified for the next debate in September.