Development Foundation provides internship opportunities for high school students

The city of Sioux Falls has partnered with local schools to place students in internship roles this summer.


The program is organized by the Sioux Falls Development Foundation.

Students are placed into positions based upon their interests and future goals.

The internship program ran by the development foundation has been available to students for five years now.

There are 30 students taking advantage of the opportunity this summer,
five of them are interning for the city of Sioux Falls.

"I thought it was a great opportunity and I thought that it was affordable, incredibly affordable. I also thought that the internship would also help me decide if this was a field choice that I wanted to go into or not," Lincoln High School Senior, John Brummels, said.

Brummels is interning under the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department, where he is testing and calibrating 3-D printers, along with another student.

Participants in the summer internship program are mostly seniors, but the youngest is a sophomore from Baltic.

The Sioux Falls Development Foundation said the main goal of the program is to give students career exposure.

"We're mirroring what they are learning in the classroom with what they are learning in the summer," Denise Guzzetta of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation said.

Many students in the program are working on infrastructure projects, by using technology. Others are experiencing digital marketing and financial modeling.