Does It Work? Testing the Star Shower Laser Light

With the holidays come and gone, so are the thoughts of decorating your home with colorful lights. But the Star Shower Laser Light promises to easily decorate your home for any holiday or just for fun, year 'round, with the flip of a switch.

KSFY's Courtney Collen tested the As Seen on TV product with the help of Hayward Elementary School 5th grader Tyson Anema.

The commercial states the Star Shower Laser Light adds thousands of colorful stars everywhere, simply, with a projector. It's easy to open and assemble but the cold weather might have had an effect on it turning on right away. After a few minutes, it successfully turned on and gave the northwest Sioux Falls home a fun, festive look.

It retails for around $35 - $45 at most big retail stores. It could make for a fun addition to your yard, a dark bedroom or basement wall. If you choose to use it outdoors at night, make sure you don't point the projector at the neighbor's windows.