Does it work? Buttoneer

Sioux Falls, SD In this day and age, many people have lost the skill of knowing how to sew. Even so, buttons still pop or get loose all the time.

This week we are trying out the Buttoneer, a product that claims to replace buttons without having to sew.

Our sewing expert Erin Buckneberg with Sandy’s Alterations in Sioux Falls replaces buttons multiple times a day, so she tested out the Buttoneer to see how it compared to a needle and thread.

The Buttoneer claims to be an easy three step-process for set up. Buckneberg said it was pretty easy to figure out. However, she first tried it with a large suit-jacket button that barely fit on the Buttoneer needles and did not end up working.

“The spread of the needles is prohibiting it from actually working; larger buttons will not work with this product,” Buckneberg said.

But when she tried the Buttoneer with a smaller, standard dress shirt button, there were no issues. The button easily fit on the needles and the button easily attached to the shirt.

“The plastic faster will hold, but frankly, I don't like how lose it is,” Buckneberg said.

The Buttoneer fasteners are about the same strength as a plastic price tag, so if you give it a good tug, the button will come right off.

So our sewing experts final verdict, does it work?

“Yes it works, but not very well. Heavy garments, suit coats, pants, I wouldn't recommend it; for shirts it’s a good, easy fix. But over all in my opinion good old sewing on is going to be your best way to go,” Buckneberg said.

The Buttoneer has been around since the 1970s and now it’s pretty hard to find it in stores, but you can order one online for about $15.