Downtown Sioux Falls bus station to close on Monday for renovations

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - "The Bus Stop" in downtown Sioux Falls will close Monday, May 15 for renovations. Since it was built in 1988, the station hasn't been updated.

If you ride the bus from the downtown bus stop or you transfer on your route, things will change starting Monday.

"Where you do all your transferring from will actually be kind of on the south side of Fawick Park along 3rd Avenue," explained Sam Trebilicock, Transportation Planner for the City of Sioux Falls. "So we're gonna close off the street between the viaduct and 2nd Avenue and all the buses will be there."

In the meantime, the streets around the existing station, shouldn't really be affected.

"1st Avenue will be open. The only thing that would be closed would be where the buses are on the [west] side --it's not a through street," Trebilicock said. "The road that's on the other side of the ramp -- that will be open too."

Customers said, there aren't too worried about the move.

"[It might be confusing] for the first couple of days," said James Wiley, a regular bus rider. "I think it'll be fine after the first few days. I just hope it won't take too long to remodel."

Unfortunately, the renovations aren't expected to wrap up until Oct. 1, but the city said, this is a project they have to complete and they were able to kickstart it thanks to a federal grant.

"We received a $1.1 million grant from the FTA -- the Federal Transit Administration," Trebilicock said. "It covers a little more than half."

Trebilicock said it was necessary to get the renovations done -- especially to the outside of the building -- since it's dated and they're having some issues with the canopy where riders wait for their buses.

"The canopy will be in a lot better shape," Trebilicock explained, saying they'll completely replace what's there now, with a brand new canopy. "And one of the things it will have -- it'll have a roof with kind of a sunroof on top, so that won't leak."

"The building on the outside -- the look of it will be much enhanced -- also there will be bike rakes, a bike repair station for people that want to pump up their tires."

The building itself will be modernized, but there's one other piece of technology the city is hoping they can incorporate to bring the building into the 21st century.

"One of the other things we're trying to get as a part of this project is to get Internet into that location," Trebilicock said.

But riders are hoping for some other enhancements.

"It'd be nice if there was a clock that worked," Wiley said, adding that he'd love some more bus routes. He's also hoping for more bus service in general. "I wish they had expanded service on Saturdays and I wish they had service on Sundays."

Trebilicock said the city hopes to look at some route expansion when they begin to plan next year's budget.