Eugene Field Elementary School practices lockdown drill

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Classes at Eugene Field Elementary School were disrupted Tuesday as the school made time to practice an emergency lockdown drill.

The lockdown took place at the school, and a busload of students who had parent permission were "evacuated" and transported to the Sioux Falls Arena and Convention Center to test reunification protocols.

"They came out here to the arena and then we're going through that reunification process with their parents," said Teresa Boysen, Sioux Falls Schools District assistant superintendent. "Their parents are coming out here and then we connect them and it's just a good practice for us to make sure that our procedures and our practices are all in place in case of an emergency."

The last full reunification drill held by the district was in 2015 and Boysen said the practice is important so that the process can become second nature.