Facebook video captures officer-involved shooting, Jackley describes investigation process

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - An officer-involved shooting outside of the Minnehaha County Jail that sent one man to the hospital is now under the eye of South Dakota's Division of Criminal Investigation.

Many have seen the video of the shooting on Facebook.

The video of what happened yesterday in front of the Minnehaha County Jail has been seen by thousands of people.

On Tuesday, a disorderly man walked into the lobby of the Minnehaha County Jail with some sort of glass object and was asked to leave. He started hitting the glass front door of the lobby, that door then shattered.

Later, the man ran to the jail parking lot and that's where officers responded. He then throws a glass bottle at the officers.

"They're going to shoot him bro," Abbi Petit said.

You can see in Abbi Petit's video the man charging at officers and you can hear them yelling 'drop it!’ Investigators said the man had a knife.

"He’s the one who did this to himself bro," Petit said.

One officer fires two shots at the man and he falls to the ground.

The shooting is now under investigation by the Division of Criminal Investigation. After an officer-involved shooting a very detailed process is used to investigate and examine facts. Prosecutors and investigators can use evidence like this Facebook video, witness statements, forensic evidence and toxicology reports.

"So a lot of different pieces of evidence that really put together by the investigators to really answer one basic but very important question and that is what a reasonable officer under the circumstances he or she faced be justified in the use of lethal force to either protect that officer or the public,” Jackley said.

Former South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley reviewed more than 30 officer-involved shootings during his time in office.

"We would issue a detailed summary to the public to really assist the public in understanding what had happened and to make sure there was transparency," Jackley said.

Transparency in a process that will get to the bottom of what happened here on Tuesday.

Jackley said one thing to remember is it's not only challenging for a suspect or the victim’s family but it's also challenging for the officer.

He adds the one thing he always saw as Attorney General is the affect it had on the officer when they are put in a situation of having to use their gun.