Faith, family and friends help a young woman win battle with cancer

Every year, roughly 9,000 people will be told they have Hodgkin Lymphoma which is the most common type of blood cancer.

Last year, one of those patents was Jada Kayser.

KSFY Photojournalist Dave Hauck shares how faith, family and friends helped Jada through her fight.

"All my faith is in Him, everything comes form Him. Knowing he's my Savior is enough. I don't care what I'm going through, I can show up to church on Sunday and be fine," Jada Kayser said. "I'm all in. I can't just say, 'well, OK you handle this'. I completely gave Him my life. It's in his hands."

Jada went to Kansas City for a Stem Cell Transplant in 2017. The oncologist told her she had 86% chance of survival. As of late 2017, doctors had great news.

"I'm cancer free. We had a pet scan and it came back clear. I still have to do treatment. I can do Chemo as long as I stay cancer free," Jada said.