Family names baby Lewis after roadside delivery

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - For the second time this month, a baby was born inside a vehicle en route to a Sioux Falls hospital.

The latest car-birth happened on Saturday when a Garretson couple delivered their baby on the 10th Street exit, eventually meeting the ambulance at the corner of 10th and Cliff Avenue.

This was baby number two for parents Matt and Carmyn Schrank.

They had been to the hospital earlier that day, but Carmyn's labor was not progressing.

"I'm still in shock at how fast it went, you would never think that would happen to you," she said.

After spending only about an hour or so back home in Garretson, Carmyn said she felt like she was at about the same level of contractions she was at when they had their first son.

But on the 30-minute drive to the hospital, Carmyn realized things were starting to move a lot faster than she every thought possible.

"Between I-90 and 10th Street on 229, about halfway I looked at Matt and said something is happening, so my water broke and the next contraction I reached down and pulled little Lewis out," she said.

Luckily Carmyn is a full-time nurse. Her husband Matt said that medical training helped her to stay incredibly calm throughout the very scary situation. Her only concern was for the health of the baby.

The main concern was keeping the baby warm enough before meeting the ambulance.

"911 said we needed a cloth, so I ripped off my shirt and we threw all our clothes on the defroster, had the heat cranked up because it was cold and rainy out," dad Matt Schrank said.

But once they met the ambulance at the Lewis Drug parking lot, the paramedics assured them their new son was doing just great.

When the paramedics asked for a name, Matt said he looked up at the Lewis Drug sign and decided Lewis just felt right.

"That's not something we expect to happen in the parking lot and we've had a lot of things happen in the parking lot, but this is pretty exciting," Bob Meyer, the VP of Lewis Drug Merchandise and Marketing said. "To hear that they wanted to name him Lewis, we were ecstatic and we're just thrilled that mom and baby and dad are doing great."

The company hopes to celebrate little Lewis every year, but for now, they gave him a welcome basket and a free year of diapers.