Family spots bear outside home in northeast South Dakota

A family in northeast South Dakota spotted a very unusual intruder outside their home.

The Ammann family found a bear outside their rural home near Wilmot on Tuesday.

Tyler Ammann was checking on his land when he made the discovery.

"I headed down the hill, and I saw something pretty big and dark," Ammann said. "I drove a little closer, and it turned and slowly kind of galloped away, and I'm like, is that a bear?"

Ammann and his family grabbed some spotlights, and were able to confirm the animal was indeed a bear.

The animal got a hold of the Ammann's bird feeder, but did not bother the family at all.

South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Officer Jamie Pekelder says bears are not seen in the region very often.

"We have had a confirmed sighting about ten years ago, after that one, the only other time we've had one was the one we dealt with today," Pekelder said.

Pekelder said the bear was likely kicked out of his territory in Minnesota, and was searching for a new one. However, he says he expects sightings like the one near Wilmot to continue to be rare.

Regardless, Pekelder advised people in the area to make sure they do not have anything outside their home a bear could use for food.