Family utilizes Red Cross after tornado tears roof off apartment

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY)- It's day two of picking up the pieces after three tornadoes touched down in Sioux Falls. Damage is extensive off 41st Street and Kiwanis Avenue.

"The entire roof landed on our neighbor's roof," Chere Rosa de Sharon said.

She is talking about the 12 unit apartment complex she was living in. Her family lived on the third floor.

Rosa de Sharon, her daughter and boyfriend were home when the tornado hit. Chere says a radio was to thank for signaling them to take cover.

"I had a small bathroom radio that's very old, and that radio is what alerted me to take it seriously," she said.

After the tornado hit, it was pouring rain and windy. First responders made it to the scene. While holding back tears, Rosa de Sharon shared with KSFY something that happened that night.

"I want to give a thank you to the fireman who told me to put on my shoes," she said.

There was debris covering the ground, but her shoes were soaking wet, so she said no. That's when she says the firefighter looked at her, bent down, and put her shoes on for her.

"Like Cinderella," she said.

She pointed out the compassion the first responders and her management company had for those impacted by the tornado.

One big problem now, is how will Rosa de Sharon recover. She didn't have renter's insurance.

"I was in a place where I had just had the flood a few months ago, and they didn't cover anything with the flood. When I signed my lease, she said they didn't require renter's insurance at the time, so I just really believed I lived in a brick house and nothing was going to happen to me, and I wasn't going to burn it down," Rosa de Sharon said.

Unfortunately the tornado destroyed virtually all her things. She has been utilizing the American Red Cross Emergency Shelter for a few things, but she really wants to know if she will get any federal money for her loss.

"I feel like I'm still in shock," she said.

Her friends have set up a GoFundMe Page to help ease some of the burden.