Fans enjoy classic USD, SDSU rivalry game

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VERMILLION, S.D. (KSFY) - Fans enjoyed the 113th University of South Dakota Coyotes versus South Dakota State University Jackrabbits football game on Saturday.

The rivalry has been going on since 1889 and the fans haven't become any less passionate.

"It's gonna be a very good game," said Grayson Pirner, an SDSU fan.

"I just think we have an all out better team, we have a lot of heart, we fight hard every game," Elizabeth Bye, an SDSU graduate student said.

"They were 6-0 and then we kind of lost, but that's OK!" Tory McCreary, a USD graduate student said. "So I think that we should beat the Jacks to show that we are better."

Pirner, Bye and McCreary were part of a group of friends tailgating together outside the game. McCreary and Bye and have been friends since they were 10 years old. Even though they chose to go to different schools along I-29, they use this rivalry game as a chance to hang out and give each other a hard time.

"It's always fun to tease each other about the rivalry and in the end it's not a big deal, but it's always fun," McCreary said.

While the camaraderie is nothing new, the outfits may have changed a little over the years.

"This is what we usually wear for SDSU games so we're here in Vermillion supporting the Jacks today," Wyatt Roggenkamp, an SDSU fan who was dressed in striped blue and yellow overalls and a beard said.

"It's just a coyote hat," Chris Schultz, a USD fan wearing a full coyote head said. "I looked it up on the internet and I had to have it."

And while it's fun to dress up, fans said that's not really what the game is about.

"The rivalry is all about people who go to different universities -- SDSU and USD -- it could be a house divided but everyone all together comes to watch the game," Pirner said.

"South Dakota people are really genuine," Schultz, a Wisconsin native who relocated to South Dakota, said.

"We're all from South Dakota, we want South Dakota to win, no matter what," Bye said.

But if their team loses ...

"We [McCreary and I] live together, we've been friends for a long time either way, we'll still be friends," Bye said.

"I'm moving out if we lose," McCreary said. "Just kidding."

Saturday's game was another close one for Jacks and Yotes fans. It was the 54th win for SDSU in the all-time series and it's the eighth year in a row the Jacks have won the annual game.