Federal judge blocks use of funds for border wall

WASHINGTON, D.C. The ruling was issued Friday night by a district judge in California.
Judge Haywood Gilliam said defense department funds cannot be disbursed without congressional approval.
A lawsuit prompting the ruling had been filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, representing two plaintiff groups.
The ruling would halt use of D.O.D money for specific border wall projects in Texas and Arizona.
However, the trump administration could still tap funds from other sources.

The judge's ruling affects construction projects that could have begun as early as Saturday.
South Dakota representative Dusty Johnson commented on this recent development saying, “We want to make sure we're doing it legally and appropriately, and we want to have a comprehensive approach that actually addresses the problem. We need to let some of these questions work their way through the courts, but regardless of what the court decides, the job is Congress',” the representative added.

Funding for the border wall contributed to a historic government shutdown when lawmakers could not find common ground for a key item in President Trump's agenda.