Fire fighters receive challenge coins for their good deed

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. Fire fighters receive challenge coins for their good deed.

Every second counts for first responders, and an emergency call last Wednesday was no exception. Sweltering heat contributed to an emergency response for an elderly man while he was mowing his lawn. Sioux Falls Fire Rescue responded, but they did a little more upon arrival. Once the man was ready to be transported, the responding crew asked if there was anything else they needed to take care of and jokingly, the man said they could finish mowing his lawn. Little did he know they would actually finish mowing the front and backyard for the man as he was taken away in an ambulance.

"It's something that happens throughout the city quite often. All our crews would do the same thing," said Dan Wagner who is the driver for Fire Station Five.

The crew received praise from the man's family, Mayor Paul TenHaken, and the Sioux Falls community.

"It was really good,” said Fire Chief Brad Goodroad. “We kind of had a long week that week and saw that on the Mayor's Facebook and just made us beam with pride."

To honor their good work, Mayor TenHaken gave Chief Goodroad some of his challenge coins to pass on to the men. These coins are given to city leaders to present them to staff who go above and beyond, meet the core values of the department, and represent the city's theme-One Sioux Falls.