First responders brave winter weather conditions

Sioux Falls This year’s April winter storm has provided a real challenge for anyone trying to get anywhere, but imagine you're a first responder answering a medical call and time is of the essence.

When the snow starts to fall and the roads get slick, responding to a call gets a little harder.

So paramedics are a lot more cautious in how fast they can drive to get to those calls.

Their top priority is responding safely and getting people to the hospital safely.

“Anytime the conditions are like this and we are trying to get to a call, obviously if we don’t get there, we can’t help somebody,” Sioux Falls Paramedics Plus paramedic Loren Iverson said.

Most of us know the rules of the road during a big snow: slow down, increase your stopping distance, and don't drive distracted.

But, in these conditions, following those rules is no guarantee of a problem free trip.

“That’s when you see a big increase in the number of car crashes and weather related exposure like cold exposure and things like that,” Iverson said. “There’s always going to be calls for service no matter what the weather might be.”

Paramedics said if you don’t have to be traveling on the roads, stay home for your safety and theirs.

If you are out on those roads, give yourself extra time and be cautious.