Flooding in parts of Pipestone, MN

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PIPESTONE, Minn. (KSFY) - A lot of rain hit areas of Pipestone, Minnesota last night causing flooding in low lying areas.

Flood water filled the parking lot of the Arrow Motel in Pipestone this morning.

"It just started to rain last night around six o'clock, and it was constant," said Ken Mathis, a vacationer from New York.

Ken Mathis is staying at the motel while on his vacation from New York.

"It's definitely a damper, but it's mother nature so you have to go with the flow," Mathis said.

When Mathis went to sleep last night, there was no water outside of his motel door.

"Woke up to the pond in the front, and now it's moving closer," Mathis said.

The flooding in this part of Pipestone became so bad that one vehicle was partially submerged under water, trapping it in the parking lot of the motel.

Mathis' struggles are only temporary while he's visiting, but for Marty Geffre, who lives behind the motel, this is just the beginning.

"It's into the garages, and it's just a lot of water," Geffre said.

He was able to leave this morning, but now is unable to get back in.

"I guess we'll stay in a motel somewhere and worry about things later," Geffre said.

Both Mathis and Geffre have their own hopes and wishes for the next couple of days.

"For the water to recede and quit raining," Geffre said.

"Try to find a different place and enjoy what we can," Mathis said.

Pipestone has received more than six inches of rain over the past two days.