Flooding prompts street closures in Sturgis

STURGIS, S.D. (KOTA TV/GRAY TV) - The recent downpours prompted the City of Sturgis to close some sections of streets and parks.

Courtesy photo: City of Sturgis

As of Friday morning:

• The S Curves on the east side of Sturgis are closed. City crews hope to have them reopened later this morning.

• The City Park including the bike path is closed until further notice.

• The bike path from 7th Street to the City Park is closed.

• Bear Butte Creek crossings at 7th and 15th Streets are closed. Residents can use 9th Street and Junction for access north of the Bear Butte drainage.

• The low water crossings on Otter and Raccoon Streets are closed.

Drivers are reminding not to maneuver around barricades.

Furthermore, if you live near a drop inlet along the curb, please check to make sure it is not blocked by debris.

Updates will be posted on the city and public works Facebook pages.