Florence School students learn life skills on 'Adulting day'

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The students at Florence School District spent the day learning some important life skills that many of us take for granted.

"We've got grilling, we've got fishing, we had a police officer come, some car maintenance and repairs, different things like that to kind of change it up after our testing season here in Florence," said Florence School Superintendent Mitch Reed.

The school officials wanted to get their students out of the classroom for a day and have them learn 'hands on.'

"They always ask, 'why aren't these skills taught at school, and we understand the importance of those skills, so this is giving us the opportunity to provide them these skills," Reed said.

Students from grades six through twelve participated in what the school is calling 'Adulting Day.'

"We've got some students that have a variety of interests and just try to provide for their needs and their learning needs," said Reed.

Many of the students were looking forward to the day.

"I was excited to come to school and have a new thing to do instead of the same old normal day," said Morgan Rowe, Student at Florence School.

And Morgan Rowe thinks she learned plenty of new things with each skill she was taught.

"I've never changed a tire, I've never sewed, never done anything so it's kind of nice to get a new experience and learn new things that you don't really ever get taught how to do," said Rowe.

Superintendent Reed is unsure if this will continue past this year. He will hear the students input before making that decision.

"We're going to do a survey after, get some feedback, see how we could improve the program," Reed said.

Superintendent Reed hopes this idea can branch out to other school in the state.