Gov. Daugaard signs 13 bills into law Monday

PIERRE, S.D. (KSFY) - South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed 13 bills into law Monday afternoon.

He signed the following bills, according to his office:

- SB 25 – revise certain fees for entities permitted under the national pollutant discharge elimination system.

- SB 41 – revise certain provisions regarding the registration of snowmobiles.

- SB 42 – revise certain provisions regarding the issuance of a motor vehicle title.

- SB 61 – revise certain provisions regarding sex offender registration.

- SB 64 – revise certain provisions related to attempted human trafficking in the first degree and to provide a penalty therefor.

- HB 1077 – update certain language regarding capital punishment and to revise the mandatory sentence for persons with an intellectual disability convicted of murder in the first degree.

- HB 1094 – revise certain provisions regarding limitations on licensees engaged in the business of making loans.

- HB 1101 – revise certain provisions regarding used motorcycles offered for sale at an event.

- HB 1147 – revise certain provisions concerning property tax collections, delinquent property taxes, tax certificates, and tax deeds.

- HB 1159 – revise certain notification provisions regarding damage of underground facilities.

- HB 1173 – provide for inactive status of airport liquor licenses.

- HB 1185 – establish provisions regarding the storage of wine at certain licensed premises.

- HB 1213 – revise certain provisions regarding telephone and telegraph corporations.