Gov. Daugaard signs more than a dozen bills into law

PIERRE, S.D. – As the 2018 South Dakota Legislative Session continues in Pierre, Governor Dennis Daugaard says he signed several bills recently approved by the legislature into law Thursday morning.

Two of the more notable bills include SB 32 and HB 1098.

SB 32 adds several variations of the drug "fentanyl" to the state's list of controlled substances.

HB 1098 is also known as the Governor’s Omnibus Water Funding bill. It appropriates $13 in dedicated funds to pay for water quality projects in the state. The program, which was started in 1992, does not use money from the general fund.

Other bills approved by Gov. Daugaard include:

SB 21 – update references to certain federal motor carrier regulations.

SB 22 – allow commercial driver license applicants three attempts to pass the commercial driver license examination.

SB 26 – revise certain provisions regarding public grain buyers.

SB 28 – make an appropriation for costs related to suppression of wildfires in the state and to declare an emergency.

SB 39 – revise certain provisions regarding permitted improvements on school and public lands.

SB 45 – revise certain provisions regarding the sale of unclaimed property.

SB 48 – authorize the Board of Regents to purchase improved agricultural real property in Meade County, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency.

SB 52 – authorize the Board of Regents to demolish a South Dakota State University building and to make an appropriation therefor.

SB 56 – make an appropriation to fund tax refunds for elderly persons and persons with a disability, to revise the income eligibility requirements for property and sales tax refunds, and to declare an emergency.

SB 60 – revise the administrative rule-making authority for the Department of Human Services.

SB 66 – require each school board to provide certain information regarding school elections in the school board minutes.

SB 67 – permit a victim of child sex trafficking or exploitation to expunge any criminal or delinquency record obtained as a result of the victimization.

SB 75 – establish certain provisions regarding the dispensing of biological products.

SB 88 – revise certain provisions in regarding disinterment permits.

HB 1009 – revise certain provisions regarding the administration of benefits provided to veterans.

HB 1010 – revise certain provisions regarding federal protections for National Guard members ordered to active duty.

HB 1027 – revise certain provisions regarding the maximum number of apprentices in a salon.

HB 1034 – require certain insurance companies to identify and locate beneficiaries on life policies and annuity contracts.

HB 1064 – expand the options for the beneficial disposition or use of certain real estate located in Minnehaha County, to make certain appropriations, and to declare an emergency.