Governors place friendly wager on 'Dakota Marker' game

(KSFY) - The governors of South Dakota and North Dakota have placed a wager on an upcoming football game that has become one of the biggest rivalries between the two states.

The South Dakota State University Jacks host the North Dakota State University Bison in Brookings on Saturday, in an annual contest that has become known as the "Dakota Marker" game.

In addition to the marker, the governors of the two states have made friendly wagers on the game.

This year, Gov. Dennis Daugaard has agreed to donate $128 to the NDSU foundation if NDSU wins, and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum will donate $128 to the SDSU foundation if SDSU wins.

The amount is a play off the recent 128th anniversary of each state's admission to the United States.

The Jacks currently hold the Dakota Marker after their 19-17 defeat over NDSU during the regular season last year. The game kicks off at 2:00 p.m.

The winner of the game gets to hold the marker for the following year. The trophy is a 75-pound model replica of the original quartzite monuments placed at half-mile intervals along the border in 1891-1892.