Griff Collars and Co. is a new company in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Brandon and Melissa Glaser both have full-time jobs, but when they were birthday shopping for their dog, they thought of an idea.

"It was our dog's first birthday, so we were doing some shopping. We bought him some collars, and we got home and I was like, 'Well I could just make these,'" Brandon said.

So, he gave it a shot.

"I went and borrowed my mom's sewing machine and got some supplies," he said.

The rest is history. Since July, Brandon and Melissa have been making and selling the collars. Griff Collars and Co. was up and running.

The company is of course named after their dog Griffie. Since they are handmade, the collar options are nearly endless. Orders can be customized.

"We just sew the ribbon to the nylon, and then put the buckles and all that stuff on," Brandon said. He added that he sticks with the sewing while Melissa does a lot of the online/website work.

"It's been going really well. In the seven months we have been doing it, I've sent collars everywhere from California to Maine. We've even sent some collars up to Canada," Brandon said.

You can find the collars online at the attached links, but they can be found in some stores as well.

"We're in three stores right now, and we have had two other stores contact us, so hopefully soon we will be in five stores," Brandon said.

Right now those stores are Knotty Gnome in Hartford, Random Harvest Marketplace in Beresford and Alliecat Creations & Friends in Dell Rapids.

You can call (605) 370-1051 for more information.