Grocery stores in Tyndall, Tripp to close January 31

(KSFY) - The owner of two small-town grocery stores in South Dakota has announced they will close at the end of next month.

R.F. Buche said CashSmart stores in Tyndall and Tripp will close on January 31 at 6 p.m. His store in Scotland will remain open.

The three grocery stores suddenly closed in March 2017 and were reopened by Bushe in April.

He told KSFY News back in November that if sales did not increase, he would have to close the stores.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t come close to the sales volume we needed to remain open,” Buche said in a press release Thursday. “I certainly wish we could have achieved the necessary sales to make it but to be honest, we were a long ways off."

CashSmart will offer discounts in January to help sell the inventory before closing.

The stores in Tyndall and Tripp are still for sale.