Groton and Roncalli High Schools honor student who passed away

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'No one fights alone' is a slogan created in memory of 14 year old Groton teenager, Ava Tunheim. Ava battled leukemia for just over a year. Her family and friends want to make sure her memory lives on.

"So I know last December 2017, Ava started not feeling well, so they took her in and January 2018 she was diagnosed with ALS Leukemia with Philadelphia markers," Becky Erickson, Assistant Girls Basketball Coach.

Ava Tunheim passed away on Sunday.

"My favorite memory with Ava was when she found out she had cancer and we all went to the movie Black Panther, we all went to her house after and just hung out until two in the morning and had a fun time," said Gracie Traphagen, a friend of Ava.

Her friends have all pulled together to continue sharing the message that no one fights alone.

"My favorite memory with Ava is when we were on her trampoline and she was wearing her moms jean shorts and she went up to do the splits, and she ended up splitting her jean pants," said Shallyn Foertsch, friend of Ava.

The memories of their friends life will stay with them for their lifetimes.

"We decided to watch a movie, and I would make fun of the movie, but every time I made fun of it, she would tell me to shut up because she was just trying to watch it," said Jacelynne Gleason, one of Ava's friends.

"Just playing sports, it doesn't matter which one it was, volleyball, basketball. Basketball was my favorite, and I think it was hers too," said Brooke Gengerke, Ava's friend.

She stuck with her basketball team, even after her diagnosis.

"Last year even though she was starting to get sick, she still came out on the court to help us, and she was still laughing and smiling," said Ashtyn Bahr, a friend of Ava.

Tonight, Roncalli and Groton High Schools will honor her.

"Tonight at the Roncalli versus our boys basketball game, all the proceeds that are coming through the ticket gate will be donated to Ava's family," Erickson said.

Then tomorrow, the team she put so much work in for will make sure she is with them.

"We're going to have an empty chair and our five starters and our five eighth graders will each have a rose, so we'll have ten roses, and ten balloons, which will be placed on a chair along with a t-shirt," said Erickson.

Her friends plan to honor her for the rest of the basketball season, and long afterwards.