Group of South Dakota lawmakers pen letter opposing 'Red Flag' laws


A group of South Dakota lawmakers have filed a letter urging South Dakota's congressional delegation to resist "Red Flag" legislation aimed at curbing gun violence.

South Dakota Sen. Stace Nelson (R, Fulton) issued a press release Tuesday, saying 26 current and former state lawmakers have signed the letter. It is addressed to Sen. John Thune, Sen. Mike Rounds, Rep. Dusty Johnson, and President Donald Trump.

Lawmakers in Washington are likely to discuss a number of gun violence laws in the wake of recent mass shootings across the U.S. Among these are so-called "Red Flag" laws, which already have been enacted in several states. These laws allow people to petition law enforcement to temporarily seize guns from people found to be a danger to themselves or to others.

The letter raises concerns over the rights of gun owners whose weapons may be seized by these laws.

Nelson also questioned the efficacy of these laws, saying "It is impossible to predict or prevent someone from committing murder under these laws. If they are in fact intent on mass murder, there is no way to prevent them from using a knife, or a vehicle, or a myriad of other lethal weapons."

The full letter is attached to this story.

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