'Gustnado' storm hits Aberdeen early Friday morning

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A storm that the National Weather Service calls a 'Gustnado' hit parts of Aberdeen early Friday morning causing falling trees, breaking store front signs, and and even picking up one families trampoline.

"All we could see was debris, and then by the time it got to the green house we saw the swirling and basically the shingles were flying," R.J. Assarsson, the Manager at M&H Gas said.

"I had trash cans scattered all over, all the tops were flying down the street," Assarsson said.

A 'Gustnado' is a short wind storm that produces a tornado-like vortex.

R.J. Assarsson was working at M&H Gas when the storm came through and destroyed the store's sign.

"They had to come over here with a crane because we were afraid it was going to fall," Assarsson said.

M&H Gas isn't the only location that got hit, the Ulmer family live two miles away and they got hit with the storm too.

"We were just kind of going about our morning, and then we heard a big boom, so I took the kids and we ran to the basement because we thought it was a tornado," Trista Ulmer said.

Even though the storm passed quickly, it was strong enough to to pick up the family's trampoline and destroy their patio furniture.

"It felt like an hour but it was probably only a ten minute span," Ulmer said.

R.J Assarsson doesn't know if M&H Gas will need to get a new sign.
the Ulmers are just grateful it wasn't more serious.

"There's damage to like our deck, and obviously the table is a goner," Ulmer said.

Meteorologists said winds of up to 78 miles per hour were recorded, but they could have easily reached 80 to 90 miles per hour in some areas.