Hartford teen's jewelry business continues to flourish

From earrings, to cuffs to necklaces, a 14-year-old girl from Hartford makes it all. She started making jewelry when she was only eleven. Now SLR Creative, Sayda Rolfson's company, is successful.

"My mom had a box full of charms and necklaces, and I originally started with scarves, and so I decided I should try to make a necklace and sell one, and apparently it turned out really good," she said.

Ever since she sold that first necklace, her jewelry making hobby, turned into a part-time business. She makes a majority of her jewelry in her bedroom.

"My ideas, I just kind of come up with them as I go," Sayda said

"People like my cuffs a lot," she said.

Just in the past year she expanded what she makes. Earrings are her latest addition.

"She just got a bunch of supplies in the mail to make earrings. She made probably 300+ pairs of earrings. They won't last more than a couple months," Sayda's mom Lisa said.

"It's fun, and sometimes it's hard too because I get a lot of homework," she said.

She also is in three sports, cross country, track and gymnastics. She still finds time for SLR Creative though. She says financially, things are going smoothly.

"She bought half of her car, so she is 14 and has her own car. She buys all of her own supplies, I don't have to ever front money for her ever," Lisa said.

"It's all just a really good building block for her, for what's to come in the future," she said.

As of right now, Sayda says it's just a side business and likely will be in the future because her love for animals trumps all.

"It'll probably be something on the side because when I'm older I want to be a vet," she said.

Until then, SLR Creative will be open for business. For a look at more of Sayda's work, see the attached link.