Have you ever wondered: What is the history of the white barn at Lake Lorraine?

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - The area of Lake Lorraine, which includes 130 acres, was originally purchased by the Friessen family in five different parcels between 1975 and 1991. That acreage looked much different than it does now.
There is a white barn on the property that signifies a lot of history on the land.

The Friessen family didn't live on the Lake Lorraine property, but they spent a lot of time making memories there. Patricia Vognild has a lot of stories growing up near the lake. In some of the old family pictures, you can see a barn in the background. That barn still stands in that exact same place.

"The barn probably won't be in that location in the end," Vognild said.

When Patricia's dad, Warren Friessen, purchased the 130 acres, there was a chicken coop, a house and that barn on the land. The home and barn were built in the 1930s through a government program called Works Progress Administration.

"It was during the depression they tried to help employ all of the unemployed by building these homes," Vognild said.

Warren rented the home out to a family for a couple of years then an employee of Friessen construction for 22 years.

"A young, single guy with his dogs lived a country life in the city," Vognild said.

The house was torn down in 2017 when the road was built for cars to get to the new retail area of Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods. As for the barn, Patricia said the family is still trying to decide what to do with it.

"We are trying to decide whether we should move the barn and then remodel it, or if we should demolish it and then reuse parts of the wood in a new structure at Lake Lorraine," said Vognild. "I'm on the strong side to keep the barn."

The 1500 square foot structure holds a lot of sentimental value to the Friessen family, like a place for an engagement photo and somewhere they celebrated a high school milestone. Its fate will be decided soon.

If the structure is saved, then the family is thinking of using it as a lake association office or a place to tell the history of Lake Lorraine. If you have ideas for the barn, the family would like you to reach out to them on the Lake Lorraine Facebook page, which is linked in this article in the related links section.