Have you ever wondered: When are certain businesses coming to Sioux Falls?

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Retailers consider quite a few factors before moving into a city for the first time with their business. That's why it's not a black and white situation whether or not they decide to expand to Sioux Falls.

Jodi Schwan said she wouldn't rule out In-N-Out Burger coming to Sioux Falls, but it probably won't be some time soon.

"There's lots of opportunities to grow those concepts, but that also means there are a lot of cities that they aren't in that might be larger than Sioux Falls or closer to their current locations," said Schwan. "So they'll probably go there first before you would see them come to Sioux Falls."

Sioux Falls has seen what Schwan calls a "Better Burger Movement," and she thinks the "Better Chicken Movement" is making its way to the city. That includes Chick-fil-A because she believes their goal is to be nationwide.

"There are other new players like Slim Chickens, which is opening in Sioux Falls in July that could take market share if they don't hurry up and come to town," explained Schwan.

If she had to guess exactly when Chick-fil-A will come, it would be within the next couple of years. One business she doesn't believe is looking at Sioux Falls is IKEA. A business like that needs a lot of space.

"If they wanted to grow, there are a lot of places they could go before coming to Sioux Falls," she said. "That being said, you never know. The right relationship, the right site, the right opportunity could be. We are a regional shopping destination."

Sioux Falls also has the appeal of a growing population and opportunities to redevelop in certain areas across the city. Steve Van Buskirk with Van Buskirk Companies says large retailers like Ross and HomeGoods are coming to Sioux Falls because Lake Lorraine is such a unique space.

"The whole idea of Lake Lorraine was building a lifestyle center, make it a comprehensive development," said Steve Van Buskirk. "All those things combined make it a destination, make it an experience, which is really what people are looking for. That's how you stay competitive in the retail market right now."

It may also be the reason Dave & Buster's comes to Sioux Falls.

"Dave & Buster's has looked at Sioux Falls. I can tell you that," said Schwan. "So don't rule them out by any means. But they need a lot of space, and they need to be where a lot of people go and that can be difficult."

But Schwan says a place like Lake Lorraine that draws a lot of weekday traffic could be a good fit for an establishment like that. There's still about 20 acres left to fill at Lake Lorraine.

Hobby Lobby, HomeGoods, Marshalls, and Ross are expected to open around November at Lake Lorraine. DSW will open by February of next year. Steve Van Buskirk says he expects to make another retailer announcement coming to the development some time soon.