Have you ever wondered: Why is the traffic signal delayed at 26th Street & Ellis Road?

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - One viewer expressed concern that there is an intersection on the west side of Sioux Falls that seems delayed when changing to green. That intersection is at 26th Street and Tea-Ellis Road on the west side of Sioux Falls where Shenanigan's is located.

The viewer said if a driver is going south on Ellis Road and stops at 26th Street, the light to turn east seems to take a while to turn green.

The principal traffic engineer for Sioux Falls, Heath Hoftiezer, said some drivers may experience that delay because of the way the traffic signal is designed.

"That intersection got to the point where there was over a minute of delay for almost every vehicle passing through it," Hoftiezer said.

The north and southbound lanes on Ellis Road are on a timer right now. Some drivers may get caught in a delay trying to turn left because of that.

"There's certain amounts of time that have to run for certain phases," Hoftiezer said. "But then some of the phases have sensors."

But drivers won't have to deal with the delay after this spring.

"We're really looking forward to this next summer, where we will be rebuilding Ellis Road from 41st Street to just south of 12th Street," Hoftiezer said.

Ellis Road will go from one lane in each direction to two lanes in each direction with a center median. The intersection at 26th Street and Ellis Road will also be completely redone.

"The plan is, right now, is to install camera systems that will be detecting vehicles on all approaches, on all lanes," Hoftiezer said. "They should be fairly responsive to traffic from any direction."

Hoftiezer said the construction will help reduce delays at all of the intersections and create a smoother ride for drivers.

"I think we'll see just kind of- the way Ellis Road is built now - we're seeing a lot of rear-end collisions out there when people stop to turn into the various approaches," Hoftiezer said. "I think we'll see a large reduction in crashes also."

A traffic signal will be added to the intersection of 32nd Street and Ellis Road as well during the summer. Construction is expected to start in the spring. Stick with KSFY News for the latest on road closures in that area when construction does start.