Have you ever wondered: Why is there one block of gravel road at 41st Street & Klein Avenue?

MINNEHAHA COUNTY - One block of road from 41st Street to 42nd Street on Klein
Avenue between Sertoma Avenue and Ellis Road is gravel. A viewer wants to know why that is, and it's a much bigger issue than getting the city to just pave it.

The property owners in the area of Klein Avenue and 41st Street have dealt with the road not being maintained since 2008.

"They have challenges. They have road challenges, water, drainage, sewer," said Jeff Schmitt, the chief planning and zoning official for Sioux Falls. "So they keep asking us,'Well, who's going to pay for these? Who's going to make these improvements? And it's always the same."

The answer is complicated. Sioux Falls workers aren't going to fix the road because that area is not within city limits. It has not been annexed in.

"The residents of that area can vote to be a part of the city of Sioux Falls," said Schmitt.

75% of the property owners need to vote yes in order to become a part of Sioux Falls. It would cost owners about $27,000 per lot in the area.

"Well you gotta put water, sewer, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, a street, and it costs. Someone has to pay for that," said Schmitt.

But some owners argue that they are so close to city limits, Sioux Falls should just pay for it.

"Well it's not the city of Sioux Falls," he said. "It's the taxpayers in the city of Sioux Falls."

Once property owners pay to be annexed into the city, they will have access to all of the services like a fire department and police department.

"If your water line breaks, you call the city. If your roads need to be plowed, you call the city of Sioux Falls and we plow your streets," said Schmitt.

In 2016, 27% of property owners in the area voted to become a part of the city.

"Right now, it's just gray because it just sits there," said Schmitt.

He said many property owners have chosen not to get annexed into the city because it's expensive and they have lived there for years.