Herreid community works to develop more homes

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Herreid, South Dakota is a small community that values working together to improve their way of life.

"If you can do something to help a family in your own community, you see the impact everyday," said Dick Werner, Founding President of the Herreid Area Housing Development Group.

A group of thirty people from the town noticed the need for housing, so they did something about it.

"Thirty of us each loaned to a non-profit that we started, $5,000 minimum each to see what we could do to address the housing issue, and we raised $180,000," Werner said.

The impact has definitely stretched beyond Herreid.

"My mom lived in Pollock and so being right here close to her is important," said Kabrina Haar, who's family helped by the organization.

Kabrina Haar and her family of ten, worked with Dick and the organization when they moved closer to family, but they are just one of many families who have gotten help.

Since the organization began in late 2016, the population in Herreid has grown by more than 40 people.

But Werner says the biggest impact of this has been in the school.

"It's not only reversed the decline, it actually increased the enrollment this last fall which was a very positive situation," said Werner.

For Haar, she's incredibly excited for the future in Herreid now that her and her family are in their forever home.

"Our plans for the future of course to raise our children and hopefully our grandchildren someday," said Haar.

Werner says the organization has big plans for the future and he hopes to see Herreid grow even more.