Hitchhiking with a fridge: One man's trip across the U.S.

When New Zealand author Robe Cope's marriage ended, he was at a loss.

Until he made an abrupt - and unusual - decision.

"Instead of getting a one bedroom apartment and drinking myself stupid every night, I grabbed my fridge and hitchhiked 3,000 miles around New Zealand for six weeks," Cope said.

He turned that experience into a book - his second published work. Then, he just kept hitchhiking.

"People put me up for the night - I'll stand by the road, they'll offer me food. I must look homeless," Cope said, laughing.

He's making his way across the United States, with his fridge by his side. He was in Sioux Falls Thursday as part of trip through the Midwest.

It's a cross between a publicity tour for his book, and a personal journey to deal with his divorce.

"There is no right way to go through a divorce," Cope said. My way of doing it was, I grabbed my fridge and hitchhiked around the country. People tell me when you go through a divorce, you should do this or do that - there is no right way to do it. You have to find your own path."

Cope is chronicling his journey on Facebook. Links his page - as well as more information about his book, and his mission - are attached to this story.