Hobby Lobby will open at Lake Lorraine Monday

Sioux Falls, SD (KSFY) The shops at Lake Lorraine in Sioux Falls have been under construction all year, but as the new retailers began putting up their signs, many shoppers have been itching for a chance to get inside the new stores.

This Monday, people will finally have their first chance to shop inside a new Lake Lorraine store.

“We are very excited about moving to Lake Lorraine,” Hobby Lobby General Manager Scarlet Suitter said.

After 20 years serving customers on 41st Street in Sioux Falls, Hobby Lobby is closing its old retail location.

“It’s been wonderful here. We are looking forward to being in a new complex with new businesses and a new development,” Suitter said.

The craft and home decor retailer will host its grand opening at the Shops at Lake Lorraine Monday morning.

“There’s a lot of growth, a lot of new businesses over there. Its right on the freeway so better exposure and easier access for us,” Suitter said.

“It will be more convenient for me, not have to drive all the way into the middle of Sioux Falls, so I am excited about it,” Dell Rapids shopper Missy Schull said.

Many area shoppers are thrilled at the first opening of a major Lake Lorraine retailer.

“I’m really looking forward to the Ross and everything else coming in. It will be great,” Schull said.

Many other retailers new to Sioux Falls will be opening in the Lake Lorraine shopping complex this month.

“It’s an opportunity to be a part of a new complex that’s coming into town with a lot of new businesses. We were also looking forward to a new building,” Suitter said.

While Hobby Lobby's new location will have about the same square footage, Suitter says the store will have a brand new layout.

“Everything is going to be reversed, so when you walk into the store, where we will have seasonal right now, will be on the opposite side of the store. We’ll have more registers at the new store, we just have a lot of product that's over there right now,” Suitter said.

Saturday was the last day the 41st Street store was open for business. Hobby Lobby will open Monday morning at its new Lake Lorraine location near 26th Street and Marion Road.