Horses visit Horace Mann Elementary

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Getting outside of the classroom can be beneficial for students of all ages, and Horace Mann Elementary is taking a unique approach.

Two horses visited the playground Wednesday morning to give summer school students a ride.

School leaders say there are plenty of educational benefits that come from interacting with animals. But some of the students also get to experience something they otherwise wouldn't be able to.

"Many of our students tell us that when they go home, they sit in front of video games," said Tara Eckstaine, Horace Mann Elementary principal. "We want to provide opportunities for them that they can't get outside of our school time. And so we are bringing it into the school."

The kids also got to feed the horses carrots and apples. Organizers say it's the best day of the year for many students.