How does this winter compare to others?

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - We have seen it all this winter in our region. Ice, frigid temperatures and a decent amount of snow, but how does this winter compare to others?

This winter may feel colder and it may seem like we've seen a lot of snow, but we're actually on track to have a normal winter.
"Sioux Falls has been very cold," a Sioux Falls resident said.

Between the frigid temperatures and the amount of snow Sioux Falls has seen it's been a pretty normal winter according to the National Weather Service.

"We've had some big swings both with warm temperatures and cold temperatures in each of those months and but when you average them all out we're actually slightly above normal in temperatures for the winter," National Weather Service Hydrologist, Mike Gillispie said.

When you get a day like today it feels like it's been colder and snowier but December was six degrees above normal, January was a degree above normal and right now in February we're just a degree below normal.

"It hasn't been overly snowy or wet for the winter a lot of that precipitation in December that was above normal actually fell as rain with that event around Christmas," Gillispie said.

When we take a look at precipitation and snow fall the Sioux Falls area is right around normal.

Mac Terry just moved to Sioux Falls and is learning how to brave this cold. He moved here right before the arctic blast came through.

"That was probably the worst feeling I’ve ever felt. When I left Indiana it was roughly 52 degrees that day and I got here and it was roughly minus two or three," Sioux Falls resident, Mac Terry said.

In Indiana he said the city might have shut down if it was that cold there. Michael Achen has lived in Sioux Falls for nine years and said he's over the winter already.

"It was pretty mild for a while but now it's starting to get a little worse and I’m ready for it to be done for sure it's getting cold," Sioux Falls resident, Michael Achen said.

The Sioux Falls area has lucked out when it comes to measurable snow. The southern part of the state saw bigger snow storms at the beginning of winter and the northern part is just now starting to see more snow.

"Basically this is South Dakota in winter and we've had worse winters but we've also had some better ones," Gillispie added.

The men I spoke with today tell me if it weren't for the wind this winter it would be more bearable.

The National Weather Service tells us that when you average all of the temperatures out throughout this winter they're above normal.