How ordering a shot could help keep you safe

BROOKINGS, S.D. (KSFY) - The night before Thanksgiving can be a busy time for bars across the KSFY viewing area. But, one program in Brookings is making sure everyone stays safe while out enjoying a few drinks.

The program is called "The Angel Shot" Program. It has been in the city since earlier this year. The program is for those meeting someone for a first date, and if they feel things start turning sour, there's a way to ask for help.

Cubby's Sports Bar is busy during the holidays, as it is every other day of the year. And with all those customers they serve, they are providing some services back in the form of a shot. The shot in question is not a drink but a way for someone to ask for help.

"What it is is it is a partnership that we did with local bars," Patrol Officer Eric Lee, Brookings Police Department, said. "It's a way for somebody who is out on a date that is not going very well to have an out, a safe way to get home. It's a way of signaling that they may be in trouble to varying degrees."

The flyers are posted throughout several bars in Brookings; we are unable to show the specifics of each shot in the video above. This is to make sure the program is kept safe for bar-goers.

"They can come up to the bartender or the server that's with them, just order that shot," Mac Rosenwald, Cubby's assistant manager, said. "It's a discrete thing, and that way, the server would then come up and tell the bartender or manager on duty that night."

There are three different "code words" to use when asking for help. Each one lets the managers know what is needed from an escort to your vehicle to calling the police.

"With the college, the bar scene here is pretty vibrant," Lee said. "And so, in order to help mitigate any kind of sexual assaults that might occur. And intercepting anything that might happen."

"Anytime we can partner with them [Brookings Police Department], it helps us help them," Rosenwald said. "They like that we are doing the program, as well. It helps them benefit from that and helps keep everyone safe."

Since the program has started, there have been no reports of the "Angel Shot" needing to be used in Brookings.