How to get flood insurance coverage through National Flood Insurance program

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Sioux Falls and surrounding areas have seen a lot of flood waters that came from melting snow and the rainfall we saw just last week. Now homeowners are contacting insurance agencies asking for help to get flood insurance.

A standard homeowners policy does not cover flooding, but if you try to get coverage now you may be waiting awhile before that coverage kicks in.

Many homeowners are remaining hopeful that this second round of flooding doesn't ruin their homes again so they're flocking to insurance agencies to try and get flood coverage.

"Flooding and flood coverage is provided by the National Flood Insurance program. It’s a completely separate policy that often times is optional and so most people don't purchase the additional coverage because of the fees associated with it," American Family Insurance Agent, Lexis Willert said.

If homeowners are purchasing flood coverage it's because they're required to have it because they're in a flood zone.

"We have a lot of people calling in to get coverage started today and that's where for an insurance agent it's really frustrating because we have to explain to them sorry we can't get this going right away there is a 30 day wait," Willert said.

And on top of that the insurance agency may not even be able to start a policy within the timeframe a homeowner may need coverage. The program isn't allowing coverage because of the current state of the region and the emergency it’s in.

"What they could maybe look at is whether their homeowners provides sump pump overflow coverage if they have that endorsement and if their sump pumps not keeping up with the water they may be able to see some coverage there," Willert said.

One of the issues insurance agencies have been experiencing is that people who don't live in a flood zone are experiencing flooding and need insurance now.

"People are calling in crying, they're yelling and you know we feel their pain," Willert said.

After all of this flooding if you'd like to get flood insurance you can contact your agency and they should be able to help you get insurance through that national program when it opens back up for this region.
Due to active inclement weather conditions a flood plus binding suspension is in effect.

Both the ability to quote online and by phone are shut down until this ban is lifted.