How to protect your home before the heavy rain storm

Sioux Falls, S.D. - All of the rain that we are expected to see could cause some major problems for homeowners.

It’s been a busy couple of days for roofing companies in Sioux Falls.

“We started receiving a lot of phone calls with people that had water leaks coming in their home,” Premier Systems owner Kelly Swee said.

The cause, is all of the ice dams on people’s roofs.

“Every house that we are seeing here in Sioux Falls has this,” Swee said. “It’s got snow in the valley and then right underneath it is all ice.”

Underneath that snow and ice is water that is working its way underneath your shingles and down into your house or attic.

“That water has to go somewhere,” Swee said.

The impending heavy rain we're expecting over the next few days has the potential to make already bad situations worse.

“Obviously it’s the runoff, the quick run off, that might cause a problem where it might come in your deck door or window wells,” Minnehaha County Emergency Management Director Jason Gearman said. “You might have to prepare and get the snow away from the house.”

If your gutters are frozen or have a lot of snow in them, that rain has nowhere to go.

“There’s nothing you can do now at this point,” Swee said. “It’s going to go over the gutters is what’s going to happen unless there is an area that is complexly thawed out and the down spout is thawed out.”

“If you've got some water running through your gutters, that’s a good sign,” Sioux Falls Professional Pressure Washing owner James Carder said. “There’s some good signs to look for. On the other hand I get a lot of calls with people that have a river running through their house and need help.”

To help prevent that from happening to you, it’s best to try and clear that snow off of your roof with a snow rake and get it away from your house.

“If you have big piles of snow you might want to think about getting it away from the house so it’s not soaking right in or going right in,” Gearman said. “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”

Another way you can help prevent those ice dams from forming on your home for next year is to buy a heated cable that you plug in where you have problem areas.

Gearman said they haven’t had this many calls for ice dams since 2006.