Hundreds head out to the Empire Mall for discounts on Thanksgiving

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Over the years, Black Friday has slowly crept earlier and earlier for many Americans. And it is no different here in Sioux Falls. The Empire Mall opened Thanksgiving evening and saw hundreds of shoppers hoping to get a steal.

"Any deal," Lauren Odne, shopping at the Empire Mall, said. To be perfectly honest, it's fun to get a deal."

From gifts for your home to the big box stores, deals can be found at almost every corner of the Empire Mall.

"We love spending time with customers; we love being out here," Jennifer Fleming, owner of The Beehive, said.

The Beehive is a pop-up store at the mall during the holiday season. The store is a branch-off of the Beadle Floral & Landscaping in Aberdeen. The store is selling a variety of items for the home, garden, and gift items.

"We love working with people," Fleming said. "And helping them find the perfect gift."

This is the first Thanksgiving she has ever worked. But, says she has worked plenty of Black Fridays in the past. She says people can decide whether or not to shop on this holiday.

"People have a choice," she said. "If you don't want to spend your money or your time and shop on Thanksgiving, then don't. You know, stay home, spend time with your friends and family. So, it's definitely a choice people have to make. And if you choose to come out and spend time at the mall or spend time downtown or spend time out shopping, then do that."

"I think it's fine," Odne said. "I think if people want to come, let them. You know, we can sit home and eat and then just sleep. Or we can get out and have a little fun."

Some family and friends have a tradition of Black Friday shopping.

"My friend Renee and I started probably 15 years ago, a long time ago when our kids were still little," Deb Korleski, shopping at the Empire Mall, said. "And now that they've grown up, our girls all decided that they want to come in with us."

The group has made their own Black Friday sweatshirts with a list of rules from not drinking the night before to never leaving a purse unattended.

"It's just about the friendship," Korleski said. "We've all been friends; we watched our kids grow up together. So, it's more like a family with these girls. So, we love it; we have so much fun. It's a tradition; it's just a tradition for us. Right girls? Yes."

The Beehive is one of many stores having various deals over the holiday weekend. Their store has a discount of 25% off all items.