I-90 Stops: getting there is half the fun

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South Dakota (KSFY) Anyone who has trekked across South Dakota on Interstate 90 knows the trip to the Black Hills is quite the drive, but there are many unique destinations along the way that make an incredible break for tourists traveling along Interstate 90 on on their way out west.

One of the first stop is in Montrose, just a half an hour drive from Sioux Falls.

"I moved everything out here in the year 2000," Wayne Porter, the owner of Porter Sculpture Park.

You've likely seen massive bull head in the Porter Sculpture Park along Interstate 90, but there are more than 50 other large sculptures to see in the park.

"It can be a mad house here, some days my job is to direct traffic," Porter said.

Then a few hours down the road, the 1880 town takes tourists back in time.

"We try to keep everything authentic," Owner Richard Hullinger said. "An original jail over there, you're standing in front of an old original hotel, a bank and land office out of Gregory."

The idea for the 1880s town came when the owners decided to build a restaurant and gas station off I-90 exit 170.

"We decided we needed some kind of attraction to stop people," Hullinger said. "My dad was a collector of cavalry and old west type items and he loaned some of them to a movie that was going to be filmed around here, so they ended up giving him a bunch of the stuff that they had collected for using his items."

Then just a few miles down the road the road in Murdo.

"We're not very fancy but we've got stuff," Dave Geisler, the owner of Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo.

Travelers can stop in to see the extensive collection at the world famous Pioneer Auto Show.

"We've got 295 cars, we have 60 tractors, 60 motorcycles, we have Elvis's motorcycle, here's the General Lee, there are a lot of very rare cars we have a lot of cars that there's less than two or three left in the world," Geisler said.

It's a collection this nearly-80-year-old owner has built up since 1954.

"This makes no financial sense, we're just addicting, we meet the nicest people in the world," Geisler said.

Of course the main attraction along Interstate 90 is Wall Drug.