Initiative would ban out-of-state giving to ballot measures

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) - House Speaker Mark Mickelson is pursuing a ballot measure that aims to ban out-of-state contributions to initiative campaigns.

The Republican lawmaker said this week that supporters are tired of people who don't live in South Dakota using the state to test policy ideas that they want to take elsewhere.

The 2016 election featured 10 ballot questions, and initiative campaigns attracted millions of dollars from out-of-state groups. A bill capping out-of-state contributions failed in the Legislature this year, so Mickelson says supporters are going directly to the people.

Mickelson also separately wants to ask voters to raise tobacco taxes to make state technical institutes more affordable.

Supporters would have to submit nearly 14,000 valid signatures for each initiative to put them before voters in 2018. The Argus Leader first reported details of the proposals.

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