Investigation at home of kidnapping suspect continues

MINNEAPOLIS (KSTP) - The search of the home where investigators suspect Jayme Closs was held captive is taking longer than authorities first suggested.

KSTP reports barricades remained in place at the entrance to South Eau Claire Acres Circle late Saturday afternoon. The area of houses and cabins is where Closs ran up to a woman who was walking her dog on Thursday. The man suspected of kidnapping the 13-year-old girl and killing her parents in October, Jake Patterson, lived just steps away from where Closs reappeared.

No one with Patterson's family has commented to our sister station KSTP. While several neighbors say they knew nothing about the family, one homeowner in the area, Adam Wilson, says he had one friendly encounter with Jake Patterson's father about two years ago.

"He was very warm and welcoming — kind of with open arms," said Wilson.

While authorities kept news cameras on the ground from getting anywhere close to the Patterson home, Wilson described how the layout of the house might have made it possible for Jayme to have been held there without others noticing.

"The way that the house is kind of angled, from the road there's no way you can even see," said Wilson. "There's no windows facing that side of the road. The windows are facing more the opposite side. So, you can't tell if there are lights on."

On Friday, the Barron County Sheriff said investigators were going "room by room" in Patterson's house, but gave little indication about when that search would be complete.