Iowa Republicans question Reynolds plan to cut $10M from Medicaid

Photo: Office of the Gov. of Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) Iowa Republicans are wading through the hard realities of mid-year budget cuts, and some are expressing reservations about a proposal from Gov. Kim Reynolds to reduce $10 million from the state's Medicaid program.

Reynolds' staff claims the cut won't impact the health care program's services for the poor and disabled, but the governor still must convince members of her party. Many Republicans already appear wary of removing money from a program under scrutiny for reports of reduced services under privatization.

The Iowa Department of Human Services says a decline in Medicaid enrollment means less financial need. The nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency says while enrollment is down, it's too early to know the implications of a reduction.

Iowa's roughly $4 billion Medicaid program is funded through the federal government and the state. Iowa's share is expected to be about $1.6 billion.

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