Johnson, Thune explain what they would like to hear in Trump's address

WASHINGTON (KSFY) - KSFY's Washington, D.C. Bureau caught up with Rep. Dusty Johnson and Sen. John Thune on what they want to hear in Tuesday night's State of the Union address.

They both agreed they would like it to lead to some unity in Washington and avoid another government shutdown.

"This shutdown was dumb," Johnson said. "We don't need another one, because we feel like we are close. My friends on the left acknowledge that we need much improved border security, and many of them, dozens of them, that a physical barrier is a critical piece of that puzzle."

"If you get some of the rank and file members to the table, I think they're willing to negotiate a deal, and I think there's a deal there," Thune said. "I think the president has demonstrated some flexibility and has demonstrated he's willing to compromise, and I hope the Democrats will meet him halfway."

Both Johnson and Thune also said they would like to hear the president talk about infrastructure funding in his address.