Kayakers speak out after victim drowns in Covell Lake

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - New details have been released Sunday after rescue crews responded to Covell Lake Saturday night where two kayakers capsized on the water.

One kayaker was found and taken to the hospital, the second left to be found in the lake. That missing body was found around midnight, but has not yet been identified.

"It’s very relaxing," Kayaker, Natalie Willers said.

That's how she describes being out on the lake, but that same experience was changed for two people Saturday night.

Just after eight o'clock Saturday police and rescue crews responded to Covell Lake at Terrace Park. Authorities say there were reports of two kayakers struggling to make it to shore.

Many crews were on scene taping the lake off and asking people to avoid the area. Three boats on the lake with dive teams searching the waters with flash lights while the sun started to set making it even darker and harder to see.

Willers and her family live in the area and try to get on the lake as much as they can especially with it being Father's Day. They knew that someone drowned in the lake the night before.

"It is scary, I work at the hospital we see these kinds of things happen all the time and I’m on the other side of it in that point," Willers said.

Police have yet to release what exactly caused the kayaks to capsize on the lake. Willers said she's never had any problems.

"We've never really had any concern about the water moving too fast," Willers said.

She added that this lake isn't really deep, has easy access and there's a lot of shoreline to get off to in an emergency keeping in mind what safety precautions they may have to take.

"We do take safety measures we have our life jackets we make sure that nobodies out there just by themselves and that we know where everybody is at all the time," Willers said.

"I always wear a life jacket. I really want to even if I don't have to," Kayaker, Jackie Delno said. "Get to the most important thing which is trying to save yourself first."

Willer said she and her family always kayak in groups and stay within safe places in the water. After last night’s incident Sioux Falls Fire Rescue wants to remind everyone of the importance of wearing a life jacket anytime you are in or near bodies of water.

KSFY did reach out to Sioux Falls Police and Fire Rescue but they say more information will be provided Monday morning at police briefing.